workshop conducted by the Brahmakumaris


The four day workshop for the entire staff of VGS Pandhapur was conducted by Brahmakumaris. It focused mainly on the Realization of the self, the interrelatedness of the Individual soul and the Supreme Soul, the lokas and the process of Raj yoga and the practice of it. The core discussion involved the three things carried by the soul, v.i.z. manas (mind), buddhi (intellect) and samskaras. There are seven qualities of the soul which include jnana (knowledge), ananda (joy), shanti (peace) Shakti (energy), sukha (happiness), prema (love) and pavitrata (purity). The process of knowing the self is Raj yoga which leads one to understand the Paramatma or the Supreme. The technique involves focusing oneself on a ball of light or jyotirdhyan and listening to some soothing music. The understanding that the self is not separate from the Supreme self was interspersed with touching stories and anecdotes with the help of flex print charts elaborating on the topics.

The light of the atma dims when one is unable to recharge it with meditation and positive thoughts. Sister Ujjwala went on to explain about the three yugas Satya, Dwapar, Treta and Kali where gods presided over nine lakh people who never indulged into any kind of negative activities in the Satyuga. The Dwapar Yuga was qualified with a mixture of gold and silver, Dwapar was characterized by the rising of evil in the minds of people. Kaliyug has evil reigning in the hearts of people. We are at the threshold of completing Kaliyug and entering Satyug. The effort should be to find out a minimum of one hour in our daily schedule to take time for ourselves and practice this simple method of Raj yoga.

The last day saw a few teachers expressing their contentment with the proceedings of the four-day workshop and felicitation of Sister Ujjwala with a shawl and a bouquet. The final vote of thanks was given by Mr.Sachin. Our Project Director, Dr. Prasad elucidated on the fact that if a microscope is used to see a microorganism then how can one see God with the naked eye. So it’s the mind’s eye that has to be opened. The day ended with a good note.