Three Day Workshop

There was a three day workshop starting from 3.06.2015 to 5.6.2015 organised and conducted by Dr. Prasad and Dr. Asawari. Teachers from Solapur, Barshi and Pandharpur participated whole- heartedly.

Day 1: Workshop on Questioning skills and Classroom Management

Dr. Prasad’s workshop on Questioning skills started with a ppt on various motivating thoughts followed by video of Dr. Ken Robinson where questioning was illustrated as an art. The three and a half hour workshop revolved around:

  1. The skills that get generated with questioning.
  2. The difference between divergent and open-ended questions.
  3. Three types of expected questions in a classroom scenario, v.i.z. paraphrasing, clarifying and mediating.
  4. The kinds of questions, v.i.z. open, closed, rhetorical and meditational.

Dr. Asavari’s workshop opened with question how a teacher can be compared to a manager followed by the classroom management areas. Dr. Aasavari dwelt on Classroom Management skills where the onus of the teacher lied on planning, designing activities, questioning skills, leadership, understanding learners and good communications. This was supported with different activities.

Day 2. Workshop on Life Skills

Perhaps one of the most engaging workshop, Dr. Aasavari presided over the various activities given to the participants. The key areas explored were:

  1. The concept of Life Skills?
  2. The types of Life Skills.
  3. The Need and Importance of Life Skills.
  4. Activities to incorporate Life Skills.

Teachers were divided into groups and asked to make a presentation with the help of the charts given to them. Mr. Prabhas’ group presented the concept of Life Skills in the most colourful and comprehensive manner. Post lunch the activities involved advertising, drawing and mirror image. The teachers enjoyed the workshop to the core.

Day 3: Workshop on Value Education

This workshop was conducted by Ms. Priya with a supportive collaboration from Dr. Aasavari. The key areas discussed upon were:

  1. The concept of value.
  2. Types of values.
  3. Activities to incorporate values.
  4. Importance of Values.
  5. Challenges in implementing values.
  6. Lesson Plan for respective subjects illustrating the value decided by the group.
  7. Rubrics with a sample reference.

This was another workshop that honed on team work, team spirit and creative thinking. All the teachers were engaged. The workshop was punctuated with icebreakers that sustained the spirit of the teachers. Teachers left for the weekend with a good taste in their mouths.