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Beyond Books

Beyond Books

Indoor and Outdoor Games

Physical activity is vital for a child’s development and lays the foundation for a healthy and active life. Indoor and outdoor games both experiences are important for a child’s development. It is good for children to participate, in both indoor and outdoor settings, every day. The school settings and environment are safe and inviting, all equipment’s or materials used in the VGS are also safe, durable and appropriate for the age and ability of children.


Curiosity or inquisitiveness is a distinct feature of human beings. Human beings are born with inquisitiveness. They are always curious and inquisitive about their environment. To satisfy this need of curiosity and inquisitiveness, we encourage the students to explore things through laboratories. The objective is to help students to observe, analyze, interpret, infer and understand the concepts rationally, empirically and independently. We at VGS give more importance to knowledge creation rather than knowledge seeking.


Excursion is visit to a location for educational purpose. They are exploratory and fulfill the on–the spot observation of some specific process. Excursions help children to get closer to real life and it makes learning experiential. Excursions lead to the development of social skills. Students get firsthand knowledge and it enables them to see how a number of skills, processes blend into a whole. It provides students with cultural experiences available in no other way. Concepts learnt through excursions remain with the child permanently.

Value Education

Education in its totality refers to development of individuals. Therefore, it should nourish and awaken the noble qualities in human nature. It should nurture and assimilate values in education.

Value education is to inculcate important values among the students. Value education helps the all-round development of the personality. We at VGS, inculcates values among children through poetry recitation, examples of Great and Noble Persons, Stories, Festivals, description of Nature, value celebrations, etc.

Role Play and Dramatization

Role playing and Dramatics help in the holistic development of a child’s personality. They encourage students to communicate effectively and build team spirit. As innovative methods of teaching, students of each class are encouraged to present the concepts that they learn in the form of role plays and drama. Role playing and dramatization helps to bring out the hidden talents of the children.

Music and Art work

Music and art work has significant effects on the overall development and wellbeing of an individual. Researches have proved that music not only stimulates child’s overall intelligence and emotional development but it nurtures their creativity and self-confidence. On the other hand, art improves the mind and body co-ordination. Arts strengthen a student’s problem-solving and critical thinking skill which adds to the academic achievement of the children. It develops the 21st century skills i.e. cooperation, collaboration, leadership, communication, and problem solving, etc. We ensure that through regular participation in the music and arts students develops self-confidence, self-discipline, persistence, and the knowledge of how to make high quality work.

Yoga and meditation

The word yoga comes from the Sanskrit word ‘yuj’ which means union, joining together, oneness, and harmony. It is a physical practice of controlling mind, body and soul. Yoga improves flexibility and develops strength and it also helps in moulding a good body posture among children. Meditation is a part of yoga practice. Yoga and meditation will help the children to relax their mind and body. It would lead to improvement of concentration and would help children to give their best in life.

Co-curricular Activities & Celebrations

Our aim is overall grooming and development of children. Curricular and co-curricular activities are given equal and due importance. Various activities related to curricular and co-curricular activities are an inbuilt part of the curriculum. Focus is not on competition but to value the importance of participation and to develop the spirit of sportsmanship. The school gives lots of emphasis on celebrations. Other than organizing different activities, we celebrate all religious and cultural festivals which inculcate a sense of brotherhood, tolerance and respect for all cultures. It also helps the children to understand their own cultural ethos and traditions. Celebrations of values are another important feature of the VGS. Value celebrations will help in inculcating Personal, Family, Socio-cultural, spiritual and moral values.