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At MIT VGS, the learning is always experiential, along with practical exposure. We believe in taking education beyond the books. This includes connecting with nature and the hands–on natural farming initiative is a good example of the learner centric and ecologically conscious nature of activities in the school. This helps in igniting the minds, which are also groomed spiritually through Yoga and meditation. To energize the body, we offer sports, games, adventure camps and workshops including those that promote health and hygiene. To expose the students to the practical world outside the school, we conduct activities such as student parliaments, robotics competitions, Campus FM Radio and School Innovation Challenge.

Infrastructure Facilities

Classrooms: The class rooms are the main center of learning. Well lit classrooms create a positive impact on the minds of the children and on the teachers as well. The classrooms are well equipped with the latest teaching gadgets along with audio-video facilities for virtual education as we believe that a picture speaks a thousand words.
The school uses Digi/ Smart boards to teach ourstudents which give them a better insight and understanding.

Robotics: MIT VGS is the pioneer in introducing Robotics in Sangli. The students are made aware of the technology and application of the same. Special classes are conducted for the same and the students are made aware of the latest technological advances.

Science Lab: Science Lab is well equipped with resources for elementary, middle and higher secondary students and teachers. Adequate equipments for Physics, Chemistry & Biology is available for research whichhelps to satisfy the curiosity and develop scientific attitude among students.

Math lab: A child can perceive a concept thoroughly only with the combination of theoretical teaching in a classroom is combined with hands on experience in a lab. Math needs practice, interest and brainpower which are fostered by the Math lab. The MIT VGS Math Lab makes Math simple and fun for students. The lab is well equipped to demonstrate and elucidate any topic. It also enables the teachers to demonstrate and reinforce Mathematical concepts. Hence, it helps in mental enhancement of students in any area of Math like Algebra, Arithmetic, Calculus, Geometry, Statistics, and Trigonometry etc.

Social science lab: This lab provides a platform for students to share their presentations on various subjects and learn certain concepts where imagination is difficult. The lab is well equipped to teach children with the help of models like Solar system, land forms, drainage pattern, rotation and revolution of the earth etc. along with charts, models and telescopes which enhances their understanding and imagination. This lab also caters to the need of conducting seminars, group discussion, debates and other activities

Computer lab: Information and Communication Technology (ICT) is an integral part of VGS curriculum. In this age of Computer Technology, an early exposure to the basics of computer, prepares the child for the future. Our labis equipped with a dedicated broadband Internet connection for our students and teachers wherein they assist children in seeking information, creating multimedia content, collaborating on project work and presenting the knowledge gathered from multiple sources.

Library: A fully functional and stacked library is open for its students for their referencing and reading about any subjectThe Library includes a voluminous stock of books including Encyclopedias on all subjects. It is located separately on the campus to create a peaceful atmosphere for reading and studying .The Library subscribes to a variety of newspapers, magazines and journals and is all well stocked with resource material such as old question papers etc. The Library is available to the students seven days a week.

Play Ground and Sports equipments: To develop the students physically the school has properly planned and maintained play grounds for games like: volley ball, disc throw, long jump, running track, kho-kho and cricket.

Canteen Facility: Full-fledged Canteen facility for day students is available. A wide variety of Hot, fresh and nutritious menu is served for with Breakfast, Lunch & Snacks.