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We at MITVGS ensure that all our students are offered the best in terms of academics and other skills. Students are prepared for various external exams by our faculties so as to make them future ready for any kind of competitive exams.

A detailed and a proper plan is charted at MITVGS keeping in mind the ability of the student along with future needs so as to provide each child a customized curriculum plan which works as his path to success.

Pre – Primary:


Research and educational experiences underline the crucial importance of early years in the child’s developmental experience. The rate of maturation and development and the pace of learning, is greater during these years than at any subsequent period in the child’s life. The child’s experience of learning in the early years, has a profound influence on later learning. Young children enter preschool with a lot of curiosity, a sense of wonder and an eagerness to learn. They are attracted towards learning experiences that are engaging and pleasurable. Positive, concrete and hands-on experiences encourage young children to make choices, decisions, and explore their immediate environment. This helps them feel competent and confident. The curriculum follows a holistic approach where practitioners support and scaffold children’s learning through enriched play experiences. The pedagogical and transactional processes / strategies suggested in the curriculum include engaging and enjoyable play activities and learning experiences that awaken / ignite children’s thinking processes and help build their confidence. The activities and play based experiences connect young children’s fascination with learning in every domain so that they can enjoy, learn and make the most of their time in preschool.

Whole Day Program:

  • What would my child do on any given day in MITVGS?
  • This is what a typical day in MITVGS School looks like…..
  • The children walk into the class and keep the bags and water bottle in proper place. They are greeted by the class teacher. Thereafter, they take out their diaries and place them on Teacher’s table. After the prayer and morning conditioning, they settle down on the mat in the activity room and have circle time.

  • We at MITVGS plan the day in the following way:

    Morning Assembly

  • Circle time – To setup a tone of the class. Various issues related to class are tackled during the circle time.
  • Language time – To develop the Reading / Writing and communication skills in English and Hindi
  • Math time – To develop the numerical skills by enhancing the logical thinking, numerical ability, differentiation, sorting and analytical thinking.
  • Lunch time – The children here are trained about eating habits, etiquettes and table manners
  • Activity time – This time is productively used to enhance the gross and fine motor skills, social skills and creativity
  • Rhyme time – To enhance the child’s communication and vocabulary skills

  • Primary:

    Primary section at MITVGS is a place where the students maintain their curiosity and creativity while extending their self – confidence and self – advocacy. The day to day curriculum includes languages, mathematics, science and social studies and punctuated by Art, Music, Dance, Physical Education, Computers and Library. Experiential learning outside the classroom through field trips and community services inspire students and enriches the curriculum.


    The focus of Middle school curriculum is to connect the theory taught to the practical experience outside, as well as in the classroom in the form of an activity. The curriculum includes languages, mathematics, science and social studies and punctuated by Art, Music, Dance, Physical Education, Computers and Library. We provide opportunities for leadership and service to develop sense of responsibility and care for our extended community.