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MAEER’s MIT Vishwashanti Gurukul School, Sangli

The luscious and sprawling of MIT VGS Sangli campus is spread over 3 acres of land with beautiful and eco-friendly landscaping that helps create a spiritually charged environment. The first impression of the school and its campus leaves a lasting impression in the mind of the visitor, of a space that brings tranquility and promotes creativity. The architectural marvel of MIT VGS School, SangliBuilding is the symbol of what MIT VGS Sangli stands for.It depicts values that foster world peace, spirituality, growth and a sense of modernity in confluence with technology.

MIT VGS Sangli promotes out-of-the-box ideas, even while adhering to time-tested principles. Children’s creative freedom and individual space is respected to enable them to blossom into well–groomed and all-round individuals who can observe and assimilate knowledge through a process of self–discovery. Our approach to education offers a new dimension to learning by integrating the best of our rich Indian culture like Guru Shishya Parampara along with the latest teaching pedagogy.