Organic Farming

After independence, India initiated a large agricultural expansion programme to address an urgent and increasing need of national food needs. As a result there has been a tremendous increase of chemical fertilizers, pesticides, herbicides and fungicides to weed out parasites and wild plants so that they could increase the production. Consequently there has been bioaccumulation of the chemicals causing serious health hazards to consumers. Conventional farming methods have led to depletion of water resources, soil infertility, crop failures and droughts.


In order to bring an awareness of side effects of conventional farming, also to promote natural organic farming and inculcate dignity of labor amoung the students, VGSs initiated a pilot farm at Pandharpur campus on the methods suggested by Mr. Masanobu Fukuoka and Mr. Subhash Palekar involving students from all the grades wherein these students are involved from preparation of land to harvesting. In the first yield itself students were successfully able to grow leafy vegetables, wide range of vegetables, pulses and peanuts.

The same concept is being adopted and implemented in other VGS-Campuses.

Organic farming in India

Oraginc farming in USA