Pandharpur, (CBSE Affiliation number:1130434)

Workshop in MIT VGS, Loni under Project CACA


Jun | 2019

As a part of Project CACA (Children Against Child Abuse), a workshop was conducted in MIT VGS, Loni, on 6th June 2019. Mr. Pradeep, Director for Implementation-Project CASA, Social Axiom Foundation (SAF), conducted this workshop in two parallel sessions, along with Ms. Niharika, a clinical psychologist. This 3-hour workshop for teachers included an orientation to Project CACA and awareness about the laws related to children safety. Mr. Pradeep sensitized the audience about the issue of sexual abuse of children and the associated trauma. Various important topics such as bullying, peer pressure, self-esteem, gender equality, and the importance of life skills and value–education were stressed upon. The workshop tried to empower the teachers to understand the needs of the students and provide them the required support in becoming independent and strong.

In the parallel session, which was about the legal aspects, POCSO (Protection of Children from Sexual Offences) Act, and Juvenile Justice Act were covered. A session was also conducted for the non-teaching staff regarding the services provided by DLSA (Delhi State Legal Services Authority) to create awareness. This workshop is expected to play a vital role in the safety and protection of children since it educated the teachers and prepared them to help children in preventing sexual abuse, and also provide strong emotional support to the victims. This was an important initiative for a healthy, happy and safe future for the children and society. Through this workshop, the school has empowered about 750 students, their parents, 45+ teachers and 50+ support staff of the school.


MIT VGS, Loni, has implemented Project CACA for the long-term safety of its children from the academic year 2019-20 onwards. It is a child-centric, preventive and holistic project against child abuse in general and child sexual abuse in particular, along with child rights and gender equality. The project covers all the concerned stakeholders including students, parents, teachers and the support staff, through safety workbooks, workshops and resource booklets. The project empowers children with life skills and value-education. The project is institutionally driven and initiates behavior changes among the stakeholders in the school in particular and the society in general. It is a collective move towards creating a better learning environment for the children. The project connects schools with various related government, non-government and private organizations, and hospitals through various workshops that build the schools' capacity in legal, clinical and academic aspects pertaining to child rights, abuse prevention, and gender equality.