Dining Residential & Medical

A home away from home is how the students living on campus will feel during their VGS days. The Hostels have been specifically designed to provide a warm and caring family like environment. There are separate hostels for boys and girls.

The children are allotted leisure time when they can play indoor games like chess, Carrom, Table Tennis etc. and they also have access to Cable TV during specified hours.

We have resident teacher and coaches who are available round the clock for the students.


The school has a modern infirmary with a resident doctor, and has ties with a leading hospital in the city for serious cases.

High standard of hygiene are maintained in the modern kitchens and dining areas for students as promoting a healthy lifestyle is one of our aims. We offer a variety of salads, vegetables, milk and fruits thereby encouraging the children to develop healthy food preferences. The kitchen not only serves variety Indian dishes like North Indian and South Indian.It also serves Chinese, and Continental cuisines. The school has an experienced kitchen staff, which tries to do their best to put together attractive and nourishing meals. A balanced nutritional diet is provided, considering the age of the students in mind.


The school has a fleet of new buses with barred windows for the safe conveyance of its day scholars to and fro their homes. The routes are designed to cover all parts of the district that consume minimum amount of time in travelling from the school.

The drivers and conductors of the buses are fully prepared to the special conditions in the transportation of children. Each bus also has a nanny and school teachers traveling with the students for added care and supervision of the children.



The importance of security personnel is completely trained in maintaining a safe and carefree environment for the students. The Security personnel belong to a reputed agency and are deployed all over the campus on a full time basis. The entry and exit of all members of the school as well as visitors is strictly regulated and constantly monitored.