Dr Prasad’s Seminars in Prestigious Schools Exhibition

26th and 27th November 2016
Dr P. N. Prasad, Project Director (Academics- School Development and Training) had been invited by Times of India to conduct seminars for two days on 26th and 27th of November 2016 in Prestigious schools Exhibition held at Goregaon, Mumbai.

On 26th November he addressed key issues related to effective schools functioning. He highlighted 6 key performance standards of schools for which parents will have to look in the schools for their wards admission. Dr. Prasad reiterated the issues of child protection, students’ achievement, leadership and management, teaching, learning, assessment, curriculum review etc ., and how they could play key role in realizing the vision and mission of the schools. He also emphasized that more than the type of curriculum, implementation of the curriculum by any school is important to evaluate the effectiveness of the school. He also advised parents to keenly observe their children’s interests and ambitions so that they could be supported accordingly. He also discussed how values, discipline, character are vital in shaping the future of children.


On second day Dr. Prasad focused on issues faced by parents with present generation kids. He discussed how the parents are moving away from ‘touch generation” to ‘consumerist generation’. He also emphasized the nature of challenges present day children are facing and the skills required to face the world of tomorrow.

Dr. Prasad has advocated parents on how 21st century learner skills are important to compete, survive and flourish in the competitive world of tomorrow. And most importantly he provided tips to parents to develop these skills at home. He also cautioned parents to observe for provision of 21st century learner skills in the schools.