Student Parliaments

It was the dream of our senior management to start Children’s Parliament in our school since NPC helps

  • To provide forums for children to voice their concerns
  • To be a movement from below focusing on child rights
  • To help growth of children as responsible and dynamic citizens
  • To initiate children into proactive involvements
  • To promote participation of children in governance
  • To do the above in a fun-filled, sustained process

As an initial step of this dream we have inaugurated the Children’s Parliament movement on 6th Aug 2015. To witness this great moments, the school had invited Rev.Fr.Edwin the founder of Neighbour hood Community Net Work(NCN)and Sri Guruji Ravishankar ji who is the president of NCN and Principals from MIT Schools .Rev .Fr .Edwin stayed in the campus for two days(August 6th and 7th 2015) and directed us to form School level Children’s Parliament and Youth Parliament. The proceedings as follows:


In the first session Higher Secondary students were grouped according to the area which they represent and given portfolios as per their interest. Ministers holding various portfolios came together and sorted out the problems faced by the people in their area and came up with solutions. Students were given opportunity to share the problems that they sorted out and the solutions they suggested in the session. On August 6th itself during the second session at 2.30 pm students of grade 5-10 were called and given the ideas of Children’s Parliament and made the into groups. They were asked to take up the responsibility of ministers as per the portfolio of India Government .Children were so interested in taking up these responsibilities and actively participated in the discussions and this interest was appreciated by the invited experts as well as school authorities.

Second day children of grade 8,9 & 10 were called at 10.00 am, under the guidance of Rev.Fr.Edwin and staff involved in project where they were formed into 6 geographical groups depending on the area from where they come from. There were 20-25 members in each group. They were assigned with the portfolios of Prime minister ,speaker and various cabinet ministers such as Home minister, Health minister ,Defense Minister, Transport minister, Food minister, Water Resource minister, Textile minister, Tourism minister, Minister of External affairs, Agriculture minister, Cultural minster, Education minister, Sports minister, Rural development minister etc.

After assigning the portfolios , from each group ministers bearing the same portfolio got together as smaller neighborhood and discussed the problems encountered by the people in their area under their ministry.


Fr. Edwin in the middle of the sessions intervened and presented very apt videos depicting his mission and the achievements he could accomplish through Children’s parliament in Kanyakumari , Tamil Nadu and Pondicherry. Students were overwhelmed to watch the wonders done by the children of Tamil Nadu and decided to make Maharashtra a better place by their effort. Children’s Parliament going to be the platform for these children to articulate their leadership qualities. Congratulating the students for their enthusiasm to work for the society and promising his support Rev.Fr.Edwin concluded his session by 11.00 am thereafter under the guidance of teachers students came forward with their ideas like how they are going to work with their ministries. From each department minister representatives came with the areas on which they would like to concentrate upon and shared their views with the public. At about 12.20 pm the two day program came to an end.

It was decided in consultation with Fr Edwin that VGS Pandharpur would federate NPC with other areas like Ambejoge, Solapur, Barshi, and Aurangabad during the first phase and are also intending to federate to block, state, national and international levels in 2 years’ time.

School is also planning to work with an overseas school in United Kingdom for exchange of ideas and knowledge and skills of organizing conducting NPC more effectively.