House System

The house system also forms the basis for a healthy and friendly competition and students eagerly volunteer to represent their house in a wide variety of events across the year. Deciding which house will win the overall championship each year is a great focus for all the students.

Our 4 houses – Tagore, Gandhi, Einstein and Vivekanand are the means of developing the competitive and house spirit.

House Events are both sporting and non-sporting. House boards are an integral part of the hostel with students decorating their own boards which are judged each month.

In sport house events take place for all age groups and both genders in:
Athletics, Badminton, Basketball, Cricket, Football, Table Tennis, volleyball etc.

More generally we also hold competitions in:
Hindi Elocution, Hindi Debate, English Debate, English Elocution (Prose and Poetry), Story Telling (Second Language) , Dance and Quizzes.

These events are constantly reviewed and the school is always looking to expand these in the future.