Co-curricular Activities



Vishwashanti School, providing the best education in India, recognizes that sports should be an integral part of every student’s life. Sports and co-curricular activities help in all round development of the students.

Structured sports curriculum starts from Nursery with basics about balancing, walking and right posture being taught.

As the students reach Primary school some basic running and activities that keep that increase their stamina are added to the sports curriculum.

As they progress from class six a specific sports curriculum for sports like football, volleyball, basketball, skating, swimming, chess, carom, tennis etc. is taught as a subject.

When the child enters the class 10 and above, specialized coaches start refining special talents. 2 periods per week are allotted to sports. In addition another 1 ½ hour of daily sports and yoga exercises are incorporated into the schedule. For self-defense everybody has to go under karate training.

Aerobics and Specialized yoga form part of the routine on Sundays.


Arts and Crafts


Each morning, assembly begins with a meaningful piece of world peace music. Students are encouraged to listen carefully to the music as it helps relaxing, meditating and understanding.

This child friendly school has two periods of music a week as part of their CBSE course. Vocal as well as instrumental music is taught to every child. Indian as well as western forms of rhythms and ragas are incorporated in the music curriculum.

Indian classical and western forms of dances are taught to each child with focus being on developing the rhythm and stability of mind and body.

In house art competitions are held with a house board competition each month to display talent. Students are sent for all external competitions at various levels.


English Language Communication, Speech and Drama