Clubs & Activities

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In addition to our academic programmes, we offer an extensive array of extra-curricular activities with an assortment of clubs like nature club, music, drama, painting, press club etc.

A balance is created by interspersing outdoor action with indoor skills like yoga, meditation, painting, acting, quiz, music and dance.

Students are encouraged to participate in various clubs and special time is allocated on Saturday and Sunday for club activites. The whole idea is to develop the children holistically.

Social Responsibility

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One of the major missions of the Vishwashanti Gurukul Pandharpur is to develop the community and the feeling of giving back to the community amongst it’s students. Vishwashanti Gurukul Youth wing was formed in the school and is actively involved with adopting villages. The students visit the villages and communities and give street plays and presentations to create awareness.

In addition the children collect data and problems that are affecting the villages and try to provide practical most cost effective solutions.

This is a great way to develop research and problem developing skills in the children and making them aware of the fact that tomorrow they need to give back to the communities in some smaller practical way as possible.

Nature Club

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This club is being run by the student body and the members. They do meet every Saturday and have activities every Saturday and Sunday for the same.

Literary club

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This also is another club run and managed by the student committee of the club with members. This is about reading, creative writing and presentations. They meet every Saturday and Sunday for various activities to fulfill the objectives of the club.