Loni Kalbhor, (CBSE Affiliation number:1130777)

Principal’s Message

Dr. Sandeep Khanna
Principal, MAEER’s MIT Pune’s Vishwashanti Gurukul School,
Loni Kalbhor

The role of a school has increased manifold with the increasing influence of technology, which exposes children to the entire world. Hence, a good school today has to impart knowledge that depicts a ‘miniature world’ to the youngsters in the correct way. At MIT VGS, this ensures that every academic session is accompanied with excitement, enthusiasm and positive energy, which is the outcome of detailed planning and preparation on the part of the academic team.
As rightly said by the American philosopher –

John Dewey – “Education is not preparation for life; education is life itself.”

It has become an absolute necessity to incorporate value education to familiarize the children to our rich and holistic Indian culture. Our endeavour is to create respect among students for values such as universal brotherhood (the philosophy of ‘Vishwashanti’ or world peace), along with a global outlook, to sensitize them to the reality surrounding them, in order to become culturally versatile. Today’s challenging world makes it imperative to become lifelong learners. The CBSE curriculum is a blend of the national curriculum and modern pedagogical practices relevant for real life applications. The multi-disciplinary approach to teaching is based on Indian ethos, and combines strong theory-based knowledge with practical application and research. This ensures that our students are equipped with the best of skills and knowledge and are ready to play their role as future global citizens. The curriculum is unique as it weaves together inventive thinking, multiple intelligences and differentiated learning. The approach is ‘learner and learning-centric’ and a ‘systematic and reflective’.

We at MIT VGS, Loni Kalbhor, encourage the students to become critical and analytical thinkers. Our innovative teaching methodology, attention to individual students due to the small class strength, experienced faculty and student-friendly administration are meant to emphasize the connection between the mind, body and soul. The use of VAKT (Visual, Auditory, Kinaesthetic and Tactile), along with exploratory technique helps in cognitive development and aids comprehension. Learning here is developed by way of participation through practicals, demonstrations, visual aids, enactments, web-based themes, projects, presentations, smart boards, experimentation and problem solving, which stimulate the tender minds. We have taken education beyond the classroom and try to integrate the kaleidoscope of learning, adventures and creativity through various academic activities.

We believe that a positive self-image is developed through a combination of academic and non–academic activities. It is our goal to enable this so that the students move forward with confidence in this highly competitive world. We do this by offering advanced classes in language, arts, social studies, math and science, while also providing extra support in reading, writing, numeracy and study skills. The mission of MIT VGS, Loni Kalbhor, is to nurture a culture where students are valued as individuals and allowed to explore their creative talents. Various extra curricular activities and co-curricular activities help the students to explore their creative side and bring out their hidden talents. As the principal, I firmly believe that we need to build a strong character with an innate sense of right and wrong. Compassion along with awareness helps in making right choices. The endeavour is to equip the pupil with the means to find the answers for himself and within himself.

School Managing Committee

Sr. No.
Clause As per Affiliation By Laws
Address & Contact Details
1 Prof. Swati Chate Chairperson (Correspondent/Manager of the School) Nominee by the Trust Executive Director, MAEER's MIT Group of Institutions, Paud Road, Kothrud, Pune
2 Dr. Sandeep Khanna Member
Secretary & Ex-Officio Member
Principal of the School 8.2.2 (a) Principal, MAEER's
Vishwashanti Gurukul School,  Loni Kalbhor, Pune
3 Mrs. Tarvinderkaur Sangari Member Parent Representative
8.2.2 (b)
Sai srushti Soc., Pashankarbagh,  At post Loni Kalbhor,Maharashtra
4 Mrs. Priyanka Pandey Member Parent Representative
8.2.2 (b)
Nirmal Township, Kalepadal, Hadapsar, Maharashtra
5  Ms. Sana Shaikh Member Teacher Representative
8.2.2 (c)
661, Taboot Street, Camp, Pune
6  Mrs. Ruchi Raje Member Teacher Representative
8.2.2 (c)
Adarsh Colony, At post Khandwa, Madhya Pradesh
7 Dr. Asawari Bhave Member Who has been a teacher in other School/College nominated by the Trust 8.2.2 (d) Dean & Head, School of Education & Research
MIT Art, Design & Technology University |Pune
8 Dr. Mrunal Kothari Member Who  has been  a teacher in other School/College nominated by the Trust 8.2.2 (d) Coordinator (Projects) MIT VGS Group Vanraje Apartments,
Paud Road, Kothrud, Pune
9 Mrs. Vrinda Joshi Member Principal of a CBSE School recommended by Trust but to be confirmed by Board 8.2.2 (e) Smt. Prayag Karad English Medium High School, Latur Road, Barshi, Dist. Solapur
10 Mrs. Madhuri Gokhale Member Principal of a CBSE School recommended by Trust but to be confirmed by Board 8.2.2 (e) Principal, MAEER's Vishwashanti Gurukul School, Kothrud, Pune.
11 Mr. Md. Nasimuddin, Member Principal of a CBSE School to be nominated by Board 8.2.2 (e) Principal Kendriya Vidyalaya,9BRD, AF, Pune.
12 Mrs. Snehal Marathe Member Principal of a CBSE School to be nominated by Board 8.2.2 (e)  Principal, Kendriya Vidyalaya, Southern Command, Pune.
13 Mrs. Lakshmi Kumar Member Nominated by the Trust 8.2.2 (f) Director, The Orchid School, International Coordinator, Sweden-India Project, Baner-Mhalunge Road, Baner, Pune
14 Mrs. Pallavi Mishra Member Nominated by the Trust 8.2.2 (f) Flat No. 601, Block H, Maestros,
Salunkhe vhar road, Wanawadi,
15 Mr. Anil Kaware Member Nominated by the Trust
8.2.2 (f)
Executive Office, Library building, MIT, Kothrud, Pune. 


Teaching Staff

Our teachers or facilitators, as we call them, are mentors in the true sense. They come from across the country, are trained and have experience teaching in good schools within and outside India. They are trained regularly to identify each student's skill sets and teach them in a manner that enhances their use of multiple intelligences. The teachers assess the children's learning preference regularly and then design their course delivery accordingly. This has proved to be highly beneficial, especially with slow learners. The students enjoy the myriad learning opportunities and our teachers enjoy watching them succeed. Teachers are our pillars as they take care of every facet of the child’s personality. They teach our students to be:

Effective Communicators

Helping a child to succeed in life is the primary concern of parents. In VGS, all children are encouraged to speak publicly by participating in debates, elocution, poem recitations and school festivals at various levels where, often they have to interact with or address the guests. This helps them in becoming good communicators. Our teachers encourage the children to think decisively, and to communicate effectively. It is their endeavour to make each and every student a better global citizen.

Independent Learners

At VGS, project-based learning is a reality. Every child has to independently contribute his/her ideas to every project on a regular basis. This gives them an opportunity to genuinely relate to and understand every project that they work on. Ample opportunity is provided to put in practice what a child learns in the class and through books. Our library is the students’ best friend. They love the comfortable and relaxed ambience, and the opportunity to learn from our extensive collection of course material, magazines, books, encyclopaedias, multimedia online sources.

World Class Citizens

At VGS, teaching and learning are not activities that are exclusively confined to classrooms. Whether the child is in the residential school or is a day boarder, each one is encouraged to participate in activities that exposes him to the latest educational practices prevalent around the world. This is done through the use of latest classroom and lab technologies, project-based learning where a child learns through hands-on experience, local and foreign educational field trips, and visits to international schools in India and abroad to participate in debates and sports tournaments. These efforts result in a child developing a better understanding of the world and an all-round personality.

A Critical Thinker

Our school campus provides a stimulating environment by practicing a democratic process for all children to express their views about their life and environment in VGS through appropriate platforms, thus helping them understand the process of governance and the importance of discipline and regulations in school life. They are also encouraged to explore beyond school books and the curriculum, by providing a platform to discuss issues about the world outside, and to analyse events and decisions of regional, national and international importance.

Administrative Staff

Our administrative staff is friendly and always ready to help you find answers to queries. The administrative staff undertakes tasks ranging from answering phone calls, greeting visitors and generating newsletters to advertising and planning various activities. This staff is the unseen force behind many daily routines in the school. They are qualified, well trained and dedicated to serve the needs of the students and other stakeholders.