Loni Kalbhor, (CBSE Affiliation number:1130777)

Colours Day


Jul | 2019

The Pre-Primary wing In MIT  VGS  Pandharpur conducted COLOR WEEK  to introduce the tiny tots to the beautiful world of colors and teach them to recognize and identify the different colours and memorize them.

The Red Day was conducted on 2nd July, 2019. The shades of red made our tiny tots feel bright, lively and cheerful. The tiny tots looked stunning in their red outfits. To help the students to memorize, teachers conducted Palm Painting activity and decorate the activity room with red coloured things. The red day celebration was a wonderful learning activity which helped to sort and classify objects based on this colour.

Shades of yellow stimulates are little ones with happiness, energy and optimism. Pre-Primary wing celebrated Yellow day on 3rd July, 2019 in the respective block. 
A day dedicated to the yellow colour was marked with children dressed in different hues and tints of yellow. Students were not only beautifully dressed but, the activity room was decorated with yellow coloured objects and Smudge painting activity was taken. Beans of yellow shades carried the promise of positive future flashing creative thoughts in the young minds. The motive of celebrating the yellow colour day was to make the students aware of its significance.

The kindergarten section of MIT VGS Pandharpur celebrated Blue Day on 4th July, 2019. It was a pleasant and cool blue day for our tiny tots. All the kids came dressed up in different shades of blue. The students of LKG had cotton painting activity. The aim of celebrating this blue day was to develop their fine motor skills by doing different kinds of activities.
Green Day was celebrated on 16th July, 2019 in an instructive way where the students learnt the importance of green colour and positive effects. They were bubbling with enthusiasm in their astonishing green costumes and the little ones created a pleasant, harmonious and refreshing aura. It goes without saying that the active involvement in this colourful activity infused vitality and freshness in the toddlers. It also prompted them to think how green colour is prepared by two colours. The shades of green filled the air with freshness and thrill.

Tiny tots in orange related to the happiness combining the energy of red with the cheerfulness of yellow. The children of Pre-Primary celebrated orange day on 17th July, 2019. The kids of Pre-Primary excitedly participated in all the activities in the activity room. Teachers showed the students the orange colour by mixing two colours that is Red and Yellow. The students felt it was true magic as the colour changed to orange. The kids enjoyed a lot and it was indeed a pleasure to witness little ones dressed up in orange color.

The purple day was celebrated in the Pre-Primary section on 18th July, 2019.  To make the little kids aware about colours and how they add beauty to the things around us. Tiny toddlers were beautifully dressed in purple colour. To clear the colour concept and to explore their creativity, Brush Painting activity was done by the students. 

To reinforce all the colours our teachers conducted a game that is ‘Match your Partner’. Teachers asked students to come in coloured dress which colours have taught. Students were playing the game on the ground. They had to find their partner with the same colour dress and stand in a group. Through this game, their concept became clearer as well as they enjoyed the game.