Loni Kalbhor, (CBSE Affiliation number:1130777)

National Science Day Celebration


Feb | 2020

National Science Day is celebrated all over India with great enthusiasm on February 28 every year to commemorate the discovery of the Raman Effect by the Indian Physicist, Dr. Chandrasekhara Venkata Raman (C V Raman). For his discovery, Sir C.V Raman was awarded the noble prize in physics in 1930. 

 National Science Day is celebrated as one of the prominent science festivals in India every year, during which students of various schools and colleges demonstrate various science projects, as well as national and state science institutions, exhibit their latest researches.

MIT Vishwashanti Gurukul School CBSE Loni also celebrated National Science Day on Friday, 28th February 2020 in respect of Dr. C.V Raman and to his incredible contribution. 

A Science Exhibition for the students of Grade IV to VIII was organized. The day started with a special assembly which was conducted by Grade: VIII, It also included Science Quiz for students. The students were awarded with certificates who had participated in ‘Sciencify 2020’ which was held in Azam Campus 

The Students had put their efforts and knowledge of science gained from our school and presented an innovative and wonderful science model (working & non-working) with proper scientific explanation. There were about 50 Models which were made by recycling the materials from which 35 were working models. The Students of Grade IV to VIII had participated enthusiastically along with all the teachers and non-teaching staff who had supported to make this event successful. From this exhibition, we were glad to know that, we have a future scientist from our school who will represent India globally and make us feel proud one day.

All the models presented during this exhibition clearly reflected the concepts that were taught in the class room and its practical implementation as well. The Students had chosen the experiments from their subjects as well as externally which actually made them understand the subject thoroughly.

Models like Volcano (Grade V), Hydraulic system (VI), Electric circuit (VII), Excretory system (VIII), Filtration unit (V, VIII), Steam Engine Generator (VII) and many more was explained beautifully with scientific reasons. 

The project named ‘Launching of Rocket” had a remarkable impact on our school. Everyone was surprised to know that the same was going to be launched in the month of March 2020 from our very own school premises. Students from Grade VIII had indeed done a commendable job and were lauded by everyone wishing them luck.

Principal, Dr. Sandeep Khanna appreciated and congratulated each and every participant for their efforts and innovative ideas. He also appreciated entire teaching and non- teaching staff for doing their responsibilities on time. All our students and teachers were indeed very happy and proud after the grand success of the science exhibition.