Junior College


“MIT Junior Colleges aim at preparing students to be confident,
knowledgeable and competent to step into reputed professional
institutions besides developing self-discipline and universal values.”


“MIT Junior Colleges provide a unique structured and integrated
program facilitated by competent faculty for the students to gain
necessary knowledge and skills to enter into high quality professional
institutions. A rigorous assessment system developed at MIT colleges
gives clear direction to teachers and students to identify the learning
gaps and strengthening concepts. Professional counsellors at MIT
colleges support students to realize and channelize their potentials
constructively towards academics. Students practice meditation daily
to improve their concentration and develop inner peace”.


  • Integrated coaching for competitive Examinations along with HSC Board examinations
  • Judicious use of time to prepare for various entrance exams
  • Highly experienced & qualified faculty for all subjects
  • Provision of study material for all core subjects
  • Regular weekend, cumulative & Grand Tests
  • Effective analysis of students’ assessment data, to monitor & support individual student’s progress
  • Fully equipped Laboratories and Library
  • Usage of Audio Visual Aids for better conceptualization
  • Meditation to improve concentration




Every Saturday – HSC exam

Every Monday – Tests on competitive exams

Every Month first week -Cumulative Tests