Junior Robocon 2019

Theme: Robolympics – Technology for Smart Sports

The importance of sports and fitness in one’s life is invaluable. Playing sports inculcates team spirit, develops strategic and analytical thinking and leadership skills, as well as the abilities of goal setting and risk taking. A fit and healthy individual leads to an equally healthy society and a strong nation.

Sports is an extremely important component in the overall development of a nation. India, in the last few years has made steady progress in the field of sports, with a lot of support from the government. The tremendous potential that exists in every nook and corner of the country needs to be showcased on a national platform to help the youngsters grab the opportunities at various levels. It’s time we inspire the young talent by inculcating a strong spirit of participation in sports that will enable the players to realize their true potential. Only then can India realize its dream of becoming a sports superpower. The recent success in the Asiad Games just goes on to prove that the potential of young Indians is waiting to be tapped.

The Olympic movement is one of the most notable social movements in human society. Countries from all over the world gathering in one place during the Olympic games for peaceful victories is the epitome of harmony through intersection of sports and communication. This fact underscores the importance of the media and its role in Olympics.

Technology has revolutionized many sectors over the past few years and media and sports are no exception. Most sports now use a wide range of technologies, with video refereeing and video analysis as two excellent examples of the same. Video technology has also changed the way athletes are analyzed before, during and after the competition, helping coaches assess individual aspects and make decisions relating to training and performance, based on what they see. Improvements in internet connectivity and advancements in smartphone capabilities has provided fans with a whole new world of possibilities to enjoy the sport and keep themselves updated. People are no longer restricted by their geographical location when it comes to accessing content.

Sports have always been an intrinsic part of civilization. But  as we see today, they are in for a game changer with artificial intelligence being combined with human skill for a whole new era. In the modern era of sportsmanship, athletes have carefully individualized training regimes, a monitored caloric intake, and they regularly endure a thorough battery of tests.

The human factor of sports is highly celebrated, and rightly so. Still, there is a place for robotics in this intensely competitive world. At present, robots are already helping athletes to train without enduring injury. In the future, robots will work alongside human athletes to help achieve a level of performance and sportsmanship hitherto unseen. Robolympics as the theme for MIT VGS’ Junior Robocon 2019 is an attempt to promote the sporting culture in India with innovations in technology to create a lasting impression in the global arena.


Category A | Class 3rd - 5th

  • Robo Weightlifting
  • Programmable Robots(Individual Event)
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Category B | Class 6th - 9th

  • Robo Hockey
  • Programmable Robots (Individual Event)
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Venue & Date


MAEER’S MIT Pune’s Vishwashanti Gurukul Nivasi School, Pandharpur


11th & 12th January, 2019

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