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International Yoga Day

A ten-day course on Siddha Samadhi Yoga (SSY) was organized in the MIT VGS campus, Pandharpur by Rishi Samskrithi Vidya Kendra (RSVK), Bangalore. The sessions were conducted by Shri Suhaas and assisted by Arvindji, were an enlightening experience for both the students (XII) and the teachers. On the first day, the programme started with showing salutations to Rishi Prabhakarji with the Inagural Pooja. Teachers attended the yoga session everyday from the 1st to the 10th of August from 5:00 a.m-8:00 a.m and students had the sessions between5.00 and 8.00 PM. The types of pranayama taught were kanishtha-Vibhag, Madhyam- Vibhag, Jyeshtha- Vibhag Chin mudra, Chinmaya Mudra, Aadi Mudra, Merudanda Asana and Sukhaasana. The first three and the last three were interspersed with Dhauti, a technique which required one to sit in Vajrasana to master the skill of Pranayama.


The three-hour span also consisted of special instructions and knowledge from Rishi Prabhakar, the founder. The discourse dwelt on important aspects like five important rules, taking responsibility, leader and follower mentality, the control of thoughts, the importance of having a vision etc.

On 7th of August, Sri Ravi Shankarji and Gayatrimaa initiated the teachers and the students with the mantra, which is required to support meditation process. He elaborated on the benefits of meditation. He also added that meditation during 6.00 PM to 7.00 PM is the best time to attain the state of Samadhi or non-doing state in the busy schedule of one’s life.

Answering to a question why students find it difficult to comprehend difficult subjects, he analyzed that it was due to certain gaps left during the formative years of their learning. He emphasized on organic farming and the importance of agriculture in the progress of the country.  Wonderful and melodious Bhajans sung by Guruji and Gayatrimaa concluded the Initiation process.

The course ended with teachers and senior students describing the benefits they have had experienced as a result of the asanas and the diet provided. One of the staff members mentioned that having had this course introduced in the education field inside the campus, Dr. Prasad has done a great service both for the staff and the students. One of the senior girl students expressed her happiness at the prospect of being able to wake up at 4.00 in the morning due to this Yoga session. Shri Suhaasji is expected to take up a follow-up of the course after a couple of months.


Presentation on Rocket Launching by NASA scientist

If we retreat to our childhood, we all have wonderstruck moments of enjoying the blue sky, the smiling moon and the twinkling stars. Ever since celestial bodies have been hammering the curiosity of mankind and it tugs at the imagination of man. Space exploration has the potential of discovering new concepts and phenomena about space. These activities resolve mysteries about everything that surrounds the Earth.
Mr.Pramod Nayate who was associated with NASA, paid a visit to our campus on 10 March 2015 and conducted an interactive session on Rocket Science. This program gave us a depth understanding about the realities and facts of Space science and building and working of rockets which were mere illusions and imaginations for us. Mr.Pramod tried to explain how the rockets are designed and assembled and how thousands of engineers and scientist work day and night to carry out different space missions of NASA. Mr.Pramod elaborated on how Space exploration has been benefiting mankind in many ways. He emphasized that space travel should not be viewed as a waste of resources, time, or money etc. He also encouraged students in learning space science and to become astronauts like Kalpana Chawla, Sunita Williams and Rakesh Sharma etc.
 As MIT is always trying to cater the needs of students with more innovative and technical methods, these types of programs really enrich the knowledge as well as enthusiasm of young minds. Mr.Pramod appreciated the interest of students in knowing more and more about Space Science also he promised to visit us during his next visit to India as it is his passion to share his knowledge and experience with the youth of India.
Mr David, Recharge Labs (USA), Jason Young , CEO, Nanosynth Materials and Sensors, (USA) and Dr Swomitra Mohanty, Assistant Professor, University of Utah, USA also participated in the discussions.
It was really one of the worth mentioning program for the entire campus that was arranged MIT VGS Pandharpur which has benefited both student and teacher community enormously.

Three Day Workshop

There was a three day workshop starting from 3.06.2015 to 5.6.2015 organised and conducted by Dr. Prasad and Dr. Asawari. Teachers from Solapur, Barshi and Pandharpur participated whole- heartedly.

Day 1: Workshop on Questioning skills and Classroom Management

Dr. Prasad’s workshop on Questioning skills started with a ppt on various motivating thoughts followed by video of Dr. Ken Robinson where questioning was illustrated as an art. The three and a half hour workshop revolved around:

  1. The skills that get generated with questioning.
  2. The difference between divergent and open-ended questions.
  3. Three types of expected questions in a classroom scenario, v.i.z. paraphrasing, clarifying and mediating.
  4. The kinds of questions, v.i.z. open, closed, rhetorical and meditational.

Dr. Asavari’s workshop opened with question how a teacher can be compared to a manager followed by the classroom management areas. Dr. Aasavari dwelt on Classroom Management skills where the onus of the teacher lied on planning, designing activities, questioning skills, leadership, understanding learners and good communications. This was supported with different activities.

Day 2. Workshop on Life Skills

Perhaps one of the most engaging workshop, Dr. Aasavari presided over the various activities given to the participants. The key areas explored were:

  1. The concept of Life Skills?
  2. The types of Life Skills.
  3. The Need and Importance of Life Skills.
  4. Activities to incorporate Life Skills.

Teachers were divided into groups and asked to make a presentation with the help of the charts given to them. Mr. Prabhas’ group presented the concept of Life Skills in the most colourful and comprehensive manner. Post lunch the activities involved advertising, drawing and mirror image. The teachers enjoyed the workshop to the core.

Day 3: Workshop on Value Education

This workshop was conducted by Ms. Priya with a supportive collaboration from Dr. Aasavari. The key areas discussed upon were:

  1. The concept of value.
  2. Types of values.
  3. Activities to incorporate values.
  4. Importance of Values.
  5. Challenges in implementing values.
  6. Lesson Plan for respective subjects illustrating the value decided by the group.
  7. Rubrics with a sample reference.

This was another workshop that honed on team work, team spirit and creative thinking. All the teachers were engaged. The workshop was punctuated with icebreakers that sustained the spirit of the teachers. Teachers left for the weekend with a good taste in their mouths.


workshop conducted by the Brahmakumaris

The four day workshop for the entire staff of VGS Pandhapur was conducted by Brahmakumaris. It focused mainly on the Realization of the self, the interrelatedness of the Individual soul and the Supreme Soul, the lokas and the process of Raj yoga and the practice of it. The core discussion involved the three things carried by the soul, v.i.z. manas (mind), buddhi (intellect) and samskaras. There are seven qualities of the soul which include jnana (knowledge), ananda (joy), shanti (peace) Shakti (energy), sukha (happiness), prema (love) and pavitrata (purity). The process of knowing the self is Raj yoga which leads one to understand the Paramatma or the Supreme. The technique involves focusing oneself on a ball of light or jyotirdhyan and listening to some soothing music. The understanding that the self is not separate from the Supreme self was interspersed with touching stories and anecdotes with the help of flex print charts elaborating on the topics.

The light of the atma dims when one is unable to recharge it with meditation and positive thoughts. Sister Ujjwala went on to explain about the three yugas Satya, Dwapar, Treta and Kali where gods presided over nine lakh people who never indulged into any kind of negative activities in the Satyuga. The Dwapar Yuga was qualified with a mixture of gold and silver, Dwapar was characterized by the rising of evil in the minds of people. Kaliyug has evil reigning in the hearts of people. We are at the threshold of completing Kaliyug and entering Satyug. The effort should be to find out a minimum of one hour in our daily schedule to take time for ourselves and practice this simple method of Raj yoga.

The last day saw a few teachers expressing their contentment with the proceedings of the four-day workshop and felicitation of Sister Ujjwala with a shawl and a bouquet. The final vote of thanks was given by Mr.Sachin. Our Project Director, Dr. Prasad elucidated on the fact that if a microscope is used to see a microorganism then how can one see God with the naked eye. So it’s the mind’s eye that has to be opened. The day ended with a good note.