Vishwashanti Gurukul School
Aurangabad, (Proposed CBSE)


House System

To engage the students in school activities, each house is assessed with respect to the following.

  • Morning assembly
  • News and good thoughts on designated boards
  • Discipline
  • Flag hoisting and lowering
  • Arranging bicycles
  • Cleanliness
  • Mass PT
  • Co-curricular activities

Each house elects various office bearers for the smooth conduct of activities and assignments.

Why VGS Barshi

Beyond Books

Indoor and Outdoor Games

The school campus is suitable for football, basketball, swimming and cricket.


Our well equipped labs for math, science and robotics enable students to explore new concepts. Our social and language labs help students to understand languages better.


Experiential learning through field visits helps the students to explore cultural, social and other phenomena in real life and their linkages.

Value Education

Our holistic education inculcates virtues such as honesty, patriotism and compassion, through poetry recitation and storytelling, festivals and nature related activities.

Role Play

Students are encouraged to present the concepts learnt in the form of role plays and drama.

Music and Art

We encourage students to learn to play a musical instrument of their choice such as tabla, harmonium and violin. Art enables better expression, and improves coordination, critical thinking, cooperation and persistence.


Yoga means union of the self with the cosmic consciousness, and its practice results in peace, health and harmony. Our students practice Yoga and Dhyan every day.

Co-curricular Activities & Celebrations

For the overall development of children, co-curricular activities are built into our curriculum. The focus is not on competition, but on participation.


Kindergarten (KG) Age – 3 years and above
Junior KG Age – 4 years and above
Senior KG Age – 5 years and above
Primary Age – 6 – 12 years – Standard I – IV
Secondary Age – 12 – 16 years – Standard V – X

Kindergarten:No test for kindergarten and standard I - The school visit by parents and children aims at observing childhood skills among prospective students to see their suitability to start schooling.

Primary & SecondaryWritten test is conducted for all students submitting application forms. Students are admitted on the basis of the admission test. The decision of the school authority will be final.

Original birth certificate is required in case of KG and standard I admission. Leaving certificate from the previous school is required in the case of students seeking admission from standard II onwards.

Fees should be paid by Demand Draft, Online Transfer and receipts should be collected. The school office remains open from 9.00 am to 4.00 pm.

Bus facility is available.

Uniform should be purchased from the School after paying the charges. Uniforms for the students will be made available at reasonable rates.

Primary School


  • Navy Blue colour pinafore with Navy Blue White checks blouse
  • White colour socks with black shoes.


  • Navy Blue colour half pant with Navy Blue White checks shirt
  • White colour socks with black shoes.
Secondary School


  • Navy Blue colour Skirt & Navy Blue White checks Shirt
  • Navy Blue tie, white colour socks with black shoes.


  • Navy Blue colour full pant with Navy Blue White checks shirt
  • Navy Blue tie, white colour socks with black shoes..

P.T. Uniform for Girls & Boys (Primary & Secondary)

White half pant, white hosiery T-Shirts with house colour scarfs. White socks & White canvas shoes.