Junior Robocon 2018

Theme: Agro Automation

Agriculture is one field which gives humans an identity of their own. In India agriculture has always been considered as the backbone of our economy. We have learnt ways and means to harvest resources for our food, clothing and shelter.

India is the world's second or third largest producer of several dry fruits, agriculture-based textile raw materials, roots and tuber crops, pulses, farmed fish, eggs, coconut, sugarcane and numerous vegetables. India ranked in the world's five largest producers of over 80% of agricultural produce items, including many cash crops such as coffee and cotton, in 2010.

The theme of Junior Robocon 2018 is designed to create awareness about various stages involved in farming and transportation of food produced and how robotics can help in doing these tasks efficiently. Thus the theme is called Agriculture Automation or Agro Automation.

Category A | Class 3rd - 5th

  • Supply Chain System
  • Food from farmer to consumer
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Category B | Class 6th - 9th

  • Smart Farming
  • Farmer Assistance Robot
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Category C | Age 13 to 17 Year

  • Mission 104
  • Based on 104 Satellites launched by ISRO in single mission
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Category D | Age 13 to 17 Year

  • Agro Innovation
  • Robot/ Models/ Projects to be presented based on the theme Agro Automation
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Venue & Date


MAEER’S MIT Pune’s Vishwashanti Gurukul Nivasi School, Pandharpur


11th & 12th January, 2018

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